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Building better,


 homes in Utah.

C | C Builders is a residential general contractor and builder in Utah specializing in large home remodels, additions, and new home construction. We pride ourselves on precise up-front planning; superior service;  collaboration with architects, our clients, and city officials; and quality craftsmanship - things we have found essential in creating a positive building experience for our clients from the beginning to the end of their home project. Communication is important to us, so we make this a priority in every project we do, whether a $10,000 bathroom remodel or a million-dollar custom home. Every customer matters and deserves to have an immaculate outcome and positive building experience.


Passive House Construction

Did you know that 39% of air pollution comes from buildings (Utah has some of the worst air quality areas in the nation) and that residential energy use accounts for 20% of the total US energy consumption? Passive Housing principles can play a key component in reducing these numbers. By employing them in your construction project, you can use 90% less energy than the average U.S. house. In all of our projects, we are committed to doing our part to take care of this beautiful planet, and we hope that you are too.

General Contractor Services

Check out the awesome services we offer! No matter the size of the project, we take the time to plan it out in detail and share the price and schedule of work with you up front in order to minimize surprises.

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Additions & ADUs

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