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Passive House Construction

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Passive House building uses a set of design principles for attaining a high level of energy efficiency while also creating comfortable indoor living spaces. These principles can be applied to all buildings, including single-family homes and multifamily apartment buildings. Over the lifetime of the home, Passive House building also becomes cost-efficient as owners save on utilities.

Higher than LEED Platinum and Energy Star, the Passive House Institute U.S. is an independent, not-for-profit third-party organization that oversees the extensive certification process. Passive houses are highly energy-efficient buildings that are virtually airtight.​

Why Build Passive?

Did you know that 39% of air pollution comes from buildings (Utah has some of the worst air quality areas in the nation) and that residential energy use accounts for 20% of the total US energy consumption? Passive Housing principles can play a key component in reducing these numbers. By employing them in your construction project, you can use 90% less energy than the average U.S. house. In all of our projects, we are committed to doing our part to take care of this beautiful planet, and we hope that you are too. Why else should you care about building a home using passive house principles?

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You care about the air you breathe

You want a well-built and well-designed house with uniform temperatures

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You want to do your part to help the environment

You want to save money on utility bills and exterior maintenance

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C | C Builders is committed to building homes that meet the high standards of passive housing and to helping our clients through the certification process if desired.  We strive for environmentally conscious design, and high-performance homes, and to help our customers enjoy their new spaces' aesthetic and comfort. We believe that your home should be comfortable and live in harmony with the environment. 

Passive house core principles are:

  • Continuous thermal envelope wraps entire home (no thermal gaps in construction materials that allow heat/cool air transfer);

  • Airtight walls/roof that minimizes thermal transfer via indoor/outdoor airflow;

  • High-performance and low-E windows (usually triple-paned) and doors;

  • Heat and moisture recovery ventilation with minimal space conditioning system;

  • Natural solar gain managed to retain heat during cold seasons and for minimal heat retention during warmer seasons.

Passive houses are the best houses

Passive houses drastically lower energy consumption; have superior indoor air quality; have improved occupant comfort regardless of outside temperature; and vastly lower operating costs over the lifetime of the building.

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