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 C | C Builders build more than just houses. We build homes. We are committed to creating structures that are not only sustainable, but feel like home from the very get-go. From planning to the finishing touches, let's work together to ensure that you get to build and have an enjoyable process along the way. 

Precise Planning & Collaboration

Master bedroom addition

For a smooth-running addition or ADU, we like to join the conversation early. This enables us to begin collaborating with your architect and work through any potential hiccups before they happen. It also helps us to give input as to how certain decisions will impact the project financially prior to building, avoiding some of those awkward mid-project we're-over-budget conversations. 

Already have a designer or architect you’re working with? Great! We are pleased to collaborate with them to build your home. If you’re still on the hunt for the right match, we’re happy to recommend one that is a good fit for your new home.

Throughout the project we plan on having weekly client meetings and providing transparent finances and a schedule to keep up in the loop.


How much does it cost to build an addition or ADU?

Although the cost of building is always changing, the factors influencing those costs remain the same.

These factors fall into the following categories: 

  1. Site

  2. Location

  3. Design

  4. Building

  5. Current real estate trends

  6. Permits, fees, and other pre-construction costs

Additions and ADUs can range anywhere from about $200-$450 per square foot.

How can a make my home more energy efficient?

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