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Are you ready to turn your old into something new? Our trusted team will help you every step of the way: from pre-construction planning to your finished living space. Let's get you that remodeled kitchen. Or finished basement. Or master suite. Or whole house. We do it all.

Precise Planning & Collaboration

For a smooth running remodel project we like to join the conversation early. This enables us to begin collaborating with your architect and work through any potential hiccups before they happen. It also helps us to give input as to how certain decisions will impact the project financially prior to building, avoiding some of those awkward mid-project-over-budget conversations. 

Already have a designer or architect you’re working with? Great! We are pleased to collaborate with them to build your home. If you’re still on the hunt for the right match, we’re happy to recommend one that is a good fit for your new home.

Throughout the project we plan on having weekly client meetings and providing transparent finances and a schedule to keep up in the loop.


How long does it take to remodel?

A kitchen remodel typically takes 6-8 weeks of construction. More extensive kitchen remodels can take up to 5 months. 

A bathroom remodel typically takes 3-6 weeks of construction. 

A basement remodel or basement finish typically takes 2-4 months of construction.

How much does it cost to remodel?

Because remodels can have minimal work or be very intricately designed, it’s hard to pinpoint a price without knowing the scope of your unique project. 

Factors that contribute to the cost of a kitchen remodel include: 

  • Size of the project

  • Materials needed

  • The layout of the room

  • Any “extras” 

For a general estimate, contact us today. We will be able to give you a more exact quote once we have plans, designs, schematics, and specifications.

What does the process for a remodel look like?

1. Reach out. We will give you a general estimate for your project. If it sounds like it is in your ballpark and you would like to move forward then 

2. We'll hammer out the details of the project and project cost. This step may involve working with a designer or architect

3. We'll sign a contract and obtain the necessary permits

4. Construction will start!

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